Since 1995 chemical engineer Edoardo Savoni has been collaborating with some of the major national and international companies in the design of plants for the storage and distribution of, LPG, Liquefied Gases Class 2 ADR, Fire Protection Systems with Clean Agents, etc.
The design varies from domestic plants (with tanks from 500 to 5,000 liters and gas through from 10 to 50 kg/h) to large industrial plants (with tanks of up to 200 mc and capacities up to 1,000 kg/h).

More recently with the increasing interest for LNG, that allows to delilver Liquid Natural Gas even in area not served by natural gas pipeline, our company has been involved in the realization of LNG plants for supply of natural gas to factories and LNG distribution plants to fill trucks powered by LNG and vehicle (after conversion of LNG to CNG) 
Our company has a long experience for design and realization of turn key plants with the cooperation of local companies of proven experience and reliability.
We take care  of the project management from the early stage, from choice of equipments, to acquisition of equipments dealing with qualified suppliers in order to obtain the best price/quality ratio, check material before delilvery, container shipping, check at arrival and unloading, installation and plant commissioning.      Managing all these operations allow us to share immediately the informations with technicians involved in the project; in this way we are able to tackle immediately the problems that, enevitably, arise during the realization of the project; thus allowing to take quickly the correct decision with advantage as far as time and money.    
We can also supply an exclusive product: the tank with internal heater. This tank allows to get high througput of gas vaporizing the liquid LPG directly inside the tank with great advantagess over the standard techncal solution that uses external vaporizer.

We are able to supply all the equipments necessary for the realization of plants or for maintenance (tanks, reducers, fittings, service valves, safety valves, excessflow/back check valves, gas meters (membrane, turbine, rotating pistons), filters, heater, pneumatic actators, solenoid valves,  cathodic protection , etc.

Industrial installations
LPG distribution plants for automotive
LNG distribution plants for trucks powered by LNG and cars (after conversion to CNG)
Tourist settlements: hotels, resorts etc.
Residential settlements
Shopping centers
Project Management 
Supply of equipments 

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